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No.113 Enter the Ice Dragon
No.112 Mistletoe Kisses
No.111 Falling Stars
Doughnut Decoy
#109 Doctor's Orders
No.108 Floating on Air
No.107 Feeling Blue
No.106 Another Fire VS Ice
No.105 Danger Zone
No.104 Home Sweet Home
Cinder's back from holiday, but is it all as she left it at home?
No.103 Fish Food
I wouldn't advice feeding takeaway to your own fish!
No.102 House Rules
No.101 Muddy Puddles
No.100 Movie Magic
No.99 The Way the Cookie Crumbles
No.98 Bad Neighbours
No.97 Going Bananas
No.96 The Dragon Hunter
No.95 Melting
No.94 Mother Knows Best
No.93 Dragon's Keep
No.92 Creating a Splash!
No.91 Baggage Allowance
No.90 Rock 'n' Roll
No.89 Dragon's Best Friend
No.88 A Sticky Situation
No.87 Food for Thought
Every dragon needs a treasure hoard...
No.86 Cold Snap
No.85 Game Over
No.84 Game on!
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No.93 Dragon's Keep