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"Thanks so much Keri. Love the finished product. My wife and I will be

having a 20-year anniversary blessing and would love to display this at

reception at the time." Mark

"I had the good fortune of seeing Keri's advert on Facebook, offering to 

draw pet caricatures. Slightly apprehensive I contacted her with a

commission of our three Yorkies, mum, dad and puppy, for my wife's 40th

birthday present, titled 'our babies'. The reason for my apprehension

was my desire to have them in a very specific setting and obviously

looking as close as possible. Well before long my apprehension was

completely proven unwarranted. Keri's patience and ability to not just

create beautiful images of our babies, coupled with the complete

understanding as to my multiple requests in a very quick, clear way.

I truly believe the painting Keri has done of our babies is by far the best present I could ever have

got my wife, who should I add, has very expensive tastes, so thank you from our hearts for all your

amazing service and efforts to create exactly what I hoped for, well better actually. It also amazes me that this is all possible so quickly and regardless of whatever country you are in. We wish you every success Keri and we are confident we will be sending many of our friends and family your way." Alan and Vicki 

"Keri and I are seperated by the ocean, but thanks to technology and PayPal you

would never know it! I have commissioned with many artists over the years and

she is by far one of the most responsive professionals I have ever had the pleasure

of working with! Keri's process is so seamless and her thoughtful details are so

impressive. Keri's artwork is truly amazing and I cannot wait to work with her

again! Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!" Alicia



"I commissioned Keri to illustrate the front cover for my second children's book, 'THEM'. I emailed her with extracts from my book so she could get a feel for my three main characters and within a few days, she had sent me several drawings of them. I was amazed at her attention to detail, her patience and her warm personality. She bought my characters to life and designed the front cover just as I imagined it. Well done Keri and a big thank you. I hope we work together on my next children's book." 

Judy Dixon, Author

"I met Keri at a Comic Convention in Oxford as I really liked her Zookie the Dragon comic strip. I purchased her book and continue to read her cartoons each Sunday. I needed a little mascot for my company branding (Gokei Anime) and thought a cute little dragon would be perfect, so I got in contact with Keri and asked if she would like to draw me one, though I didn't know what to expect having never commissioned anything before. I was delighted with Keri's prompt responses; she really understood what I wanted to create, a little friendly character with a connection to our anime store and the final design was amazing, nicely proportioned and adorable!"

Stacey, Gokei Anime

"Keri Johnson is not a wizard, but after she transformed me into a dragon on paper, she might as well be! When I was fortunate enough to come across her cartoon strip, 'Zookie the Dragon' (which is hilarious by the way) I knew she was the perfect person to create a dragon caricature based on my image. I contacted Keri, told her what I wanted and within a week I had the finished product. I truly love how I look in my dragon form."


"From the onset of starting my cartoon, Keri was amazing. She was great at communication, always kept me updated and added her own suggestions, which I was under no obligation to follow. I was delighted with the end result and cannot wait to use it on my new website. Thank you for everything."


Jo, Daisy and Patman Website Header
Comm Sweet Drakes LOW RES.jpg

“'Zookie the Dragon' became an essential part of my life at first sight. The creator of this webcomic, Keri Johnson, is a kind, patient, professional cartoonist, and it shows. I commissioned her to draw my own character’s best friend Jeffrey Preston, an anthropomorphic dog, meeting the titular character as another dragon, in order to commemorate the webcomic’s 5th anniversary and my 21st birthday. The results were impressive; with the aid of the references that were available for her, she paid attention to every single detail, understood my concerns and made some suggestions that were not really necessary for me to follow. Thus, Jeffrey’s transformation turned out pretty well and, overall, the commission could not be more adorable. I could not be more thankful for this masterpiece."


"Words cannot describe how amazing Keri is when it comes to believing in dragons, whether it’s in the sky, the sea, or the fields and when she drew my dragon form I loved it to bits! Along with her amazing comic 'Zookie the Dragon' (which I read a bunch of times by the way) she’s an amazing cartoonist and artist that is definitely worth checking out."


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