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No.162 Resolutions
No.161 Santa Claws
No.160 Christmas Shopping
No.159 Icing on the Cake
No.158 Milk and Cookies
No.157 Double Trouble Part 8
No.156 Double Trouble Part 7
No.155 Double Trouble Part 6
No.154 Double Trouble Part 5
No.153  Double Trouble Part 4
No.152 Double Trouble Part 3
No.151 Double Trouble! Part 2
No.150 Double Trouble!
No.149 Apple Crumble
No.148 Read all about it!
No.147 Come Rain or Shine
No.146 Hunger Strikes
No.145 Fetch
No.144 Fire, Ice and Water
No.143 Give a Hoot
No.142 Super Soakers
No.141 Water Sports
No.140 Heatwave
#139 Dragon's Eye View
No.138 Bad Dreams
No.137 Seeing Red
No.136 An Egg-citing Arrival
No.135 Freeze Frame
No.134 Jammie Dodger
No.133 True Love
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