About Zookie the Dragon

Zookie the Dragon is a weekly cartoon strip created by artist Keri Johnson. Since the beginning of 2016, Zookie, Sparky, Cinder, Aero and Frizard have been creating chaos, consuming cookies and generally having a lot of fun! The series was first published an social media (which it still is), with the first book following along in 2017.

Zookie is small fire breathing dragon with a clumsy nature and a fondness for doughnuts (or anything sweet for that matter!). Joining him in his humorous endeavors are little brother Sparky, Welsh dragon Cinder, prankster Aero and rival Frizard the ice dragon. The  series mainly follows the themes of food, fire and friendship.

The cartoon strip appeals to a broad audience. Whether you enjoy reading a few cartoons on your morning tea break, love dragons, or have children who will enjoy the cute and colourful characters, you will find Keri's cast of cute and colourful reptiles a welcome addition to your week.

Zookie the Dragon is a self funded webcomic, 


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