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The Dragons
Meet the Cast of Zookie the Dragon

Zookie Profile.png

A carefree, optimistic and cheerful dragon. Famous for his sweet tooth, this clumsy reptile is rarely seen without a biscuit in his hand - or a doughnut on the end of his tail! 

Frizard Profile.png

This ice breathing dragon is Zookie's self proclaimed rival and never backs down from a challenge. Proud and boastful, Frizard is always looking to beat his foe at any contest.

Sparky Profile.png

Zookie's little brother is the youngest of the five main dragons. His tiny wings aren't developed fully for flight, but that doesn't stop him from having fun! This kind and gentle dragon is often seen with his hedgehog friend, Tiggy.

Cinder Profile.png

This Welsh dragon is Zookie's girlfriend and certainly endures a lot from his antics! Cinder loves venturing out into the countryside, usually in search of the perfect spot to read a book or two. 

Aero Profile.png

The adventurous Aero is the keenest flyer in the group and wears his aviator headgear with pride. Known as a troublemaker and a prankster, he often needs to be reigned in before causing too much mischief! 

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