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Commission Information
Bespoke Cartoon Portraits 

Domino and Isabelle
Pet Caricature Abby the Gecko wm.jpg
Bayou Buddies!
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Pet Caricatures


Every pet caricature is designed and created with love and attention. As the devoted owner of two cheeky chihuahuas and a trio of guinea pigs, I understand what a big part of our lives our furry, feathery and scaly friends are.

All caricature portraits are drawn in my signature cartoon style, however the main anatomy and details of your pet are not wildly exaggerated and it is in the facial features and bold outline that you will find that cartoon charm.

With every pet portrait I undertake, I like to get to know your friend's personality and character, as this will help me in my work. Feel free to send lots of good quality photos (videos too if you like). Please remember to include any photographs of distinguishing markings.

Original Characters and Fan Art

Do you have a favourite cartoon character you'd love some bespoke artwork of? Perhaps you have your own original character and would like to see them in my toony style? Either way I'd love to hear from you!

I draw dragons, animals, dinosaurs and various mythical creatures. As with pet caricatures, your commission will be drawn in my signature cartoon style. While I aim to remain true to the character's original apprearance, if you would like your commission drawn in a 'Zookie' style, this can also be discussed.

Reference images are essential so that I can accurately illustrate your chosen character. If you have a reference sheet of your own OC, please email this along with any other information I may find useful in creating your scene.

Portraits are available in black and white, or in full colour, for which I use digital software. Your finished illustration will then be sent to you via email, with hardcopy prints available to order (UK customers only). 

For more information, prices or to place an order,

please email me at...

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